The Mood by Design!

Personal Training and Nutrition

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank Paul and his team for finding the right health and fitness package for me and my busy life.

Not only have they fitted in with my tight schedule, his team have also offered an amazing level of nutritional advice and guidance. Armed with this knowledge my eating habits have improved considerably, with my husband commenting that ‘he had never known me eat such a healthy diet’.

Over the last few months my body has gradually been changing shape and firmness. Much to my delight, I can know comfortable fit into clothes that were previously very snug.

As well as this the unexpected benefit has been my frame of mind. After an early morning training session I feel ready to take on the world. In general my energy levels have gone up and so has my positivity.

I cannont recommend Paul and his team enough. You do not need to be fit or healthy to start, just willing to give it a try.

I look forward to my continued relationship with Mason’s Fitness even if I am a little grumpy when they knock on my door before 7am twice a week.

Kind regards,

Sharon Charteress