Success Stories

Our success is built on your success and about us reaching your goals together

My client Sahill is nailing it right now despite juggling time with his studies to be a doctor.

When he started he weighed in at 19st 6lbs now 17st 10lbs and dropping at a managed rate which doesn’t leave him too exhausted for the long days as a med student.

Great work mate, now let’s crack on to that 15st target.

Hayley Rigby

Hayley is currently work in progress, watch out for future updates and follow Hayley’s journey here

Angelina Bell

I was a size 8 but with no shape or tone until I started to train with Paul, he introduced me to weights and a personal training plan and changed my whole outlook on why it’s important to use weights to change my body shape, his advice is second to none, his training plans were realistic and easy to follow.

I started to see results within the first month of training, and by six months my body shape had evidently changed, I loved the results so much Ive continued to incorporate weights into my weekly routine and I still continue to use the knowledge he shared with me on my fitness journey.

Nicola Wallace Dean

I had a (small) goal to lose 8 stone Paul in 2016 and it became clear quite that he wanted to understand what made me get to where I was, in addition to my motivations.

In 2018, 8 stone lighter I ran the London Landmarks Half Marathon. He unpicked years of bad food habits and dieting and made me walk, confidently, into a gym.

He takes no prisoners but does it with expert knowledge, understanding and a kind heart.

He’s also really good at car breakdown emergencies

I started working out with Paul 2 years ago, shortly after I started studying at university. I had put on weight, due to the nights out and mentally I was in a low place due to the stress of work and home sickness.

Paul was always there for me, even outside of sessions and helped me both mentally and physically. Since working out with Paul, I have felt happier in my self and he has helped me work on my confidence issues. I’m confident to wear clothes I never thought I would and my body is finally starting to get where I want it to be.

Each gym session helps me de-stress and he pushes me during sessions.

Paul goes above and beyond for every single one of his clients and I’m so grateful for everything he’s done for me. Thank you x

Mark Poulton

I was totally stuck in the grind, not taking care of myself, eating rubbish & unhappy with my physique. I had trained with Paul a few years earlier so got back in touch. Over the space of 12 months Paul gave me the tools to make a difference, nutrition advice, training plans and lots of encouragement.

I would 110% recommend Paul to anyone looking for a real deal Personal Trainer that delivers results.

Jeanette Oldroyd

After being diagnosed with an under active thyroid, years of going to a gym just going through the motions 🤷🏻‍♀ None of the extra 4+stone wasn’t shifting , so I’d heard of Paul and decided to commit to training with him ! The rest is in the pictures ! Best thing I ever did can not recommend him highly enough ! A couple of hours a week and you won’t regret it 💪


Maggie Day

I started personal training with Paul in October 2016. My goal was to gain strength and build muscle.

Paul started by helping me with my mobility, which I struggled with due to sitting down at work all day. Teaching me how to improve my Mobility and correct exercise technique I was able to lift heavy weights, progress quickly and achieve my goal.

He taught me about nutrition and macros. Looking back, I was in my best shape training with Paul. What Paul taught me has carried me through and I continue to apply these techniques now.

I would recommend Paul to anyone for support, advice, coaching and training.

Charlene Evans

Vicki Leyland

Paul is an absolutely amazing personal trainer. I have been getting fitness programmes from him for over 8 years and I always achived fantastic results with his training.

Lately I took my eye off the ball because I’ve been so busy with family life and work. I didnt do much exercise and over did it with food and drink. I needed to get back in shape for an up and comming holiday so I called paul for his help.

Im 8 weeks in to my new lifestyle changes and fitness programme and i’m absolutely made up with the results so far! Ive got a few more weeks till my holiday now and can honestly say im now looking forward to getting into my bikini and not dredding it anymore thank you so much paul for giving me my confidence back still got a bit more to loose but I know I can do it with your help.

Teresa Kelly Bayliss

I had a consultation with Paul Mason a Personal Trainer. Initially I was quite apprehensive and nervous of what to expect. After meeting Paul I felt at ease straight away. I was definitely looking forward to my first PT session and getting started.

Truthfully I thought the PT session would be regimental how very wrong I was.

I started training with a view to lose weight and tone up, the best part was Paul has made it fun and quite enjoyable, he has the ability of getting more out of you, along the way I have become stronger and more confident as Paul has given me self belief in achieving results. My comparison photos are amazing giving me the incentive to keep going.

Paul has kept me motivated and upbeat as he is a very infectious positive cheerful person.

I value Paul’s expert knowledge and professionalism he is always energetic, committed and inspirational.

Unfortunately I had an accident 5 torn ligaments braces on BOTH knees and on crutches for 5 months with physiotherapy and Paul’s patience guidance and expertise I am back training again full knee strength attending his PT sessions weekly driving 19 miles away and I most definitely look forward to them, never thought at the start I’d say that!

I truly can’t recommend Paul Mason enough I am very appreciative of our PT sessions as he is always inspirational, encouraging and supportive.

Dave Lydon

Well, they say a picture speaks a thousand words and I think these before and afters nicely sums up ‘What Paul Does’. Then came that moment when a friend invited me to join a local gym, Pauls gym. I didn’t want to go, I thought things like, ‘I’m not fit enough’, ‘let me just get fit first’, ‘I don’t want to be laughed at’, ‘what will people think of me’. All the usual stuff that many people who want to make a change battle with on a daily basis.

Anyway, I did a class, tried way too hard to impress, and nearly threw up!

But I went back,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,why? And this is What Paul Does’.

The support and sense of community from the people within the class, from day one, was extraordinarily infectious! This is not created by accident. This is created by Paul. Pauls support, tenacity, commitment and knowledge mixed in with a sense of fun was a game changer for me. He builds communities through his commitment to you. Working with you to achieve what you want to achieve, whilst always keeping you a member of that community, so everybody is supporting everybody. It’s an amazing environment.

I cannot express the importance of a community enough in order to gain the results you are after. It works for everybody. Even if you are not ‘competitive’, you will find yourself pushing beyond what your thought your limits were and not due to the ‘pressure’ of others, but due to the support and camaraderie of that team of friends around you, driven by Paul at the heart of it all.

BEFORE (40 Yrs Young) At 40 (ish) years old I actually couldn’t run down the front path without getting out of breath. So, I decided to get ‘fit’! I started running, because that’s what you do, right? I literally couldn’t run a mile without feeling sick or having to stop, thinking I was having a coronary. But, I persevered, changed my diet a little (Some faddy diet I cannot remember) and started to see ‘some’ results. It was hard and lonely, and all with zero support. Just me, quietly getting on with it, thinking I was doing the right thing. It worked for a while, but motivation is hard, on your own. Whether you want to lose some weight, build muscle, be fitter for your kids, be more confident, live longer, run further, lift more etc etc. The list goes on, Paul is able to adapt to support your needs in an environment that you are happy to be in.

So what happened to that overweight 40 year old (Looking more like 58!) who couldn’t run a mile?

Well after joining Pauls gym, this happened:-

In a nutshell, I started living, rather than existing 🙂 Enjoy.

Role of Honour (To date):-

1. Ran the Sheffield 1/2 marathon
2. Completed the Great North Run (1/2 Marathon) – Twice
3. Ran the Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon Liverpool
4. Ran Manchester 10k – Twice
5. Ran Coventry 1/2 Marathon
6. Ran Warrington English 1/2 Marathon – Twice
7. Completed the WORLDS biggest assault course Rat Race Dirty Weekend, 20 Miles and over 200 obstacles – Twice
8. Completed Rat Race Man v Mountain (Run up and down Snowdon with an abseil and assault course at the end)
9. Completed Tough Mudder North West
10. Complete a winter event, forgot the name, but is was Run, Bike, Kayak, Run!
11. Completed Hell Runner North West – Twice
12. Completed Multiple Night run 10k’s
13. Completed Bad Ass Mud run
14. Took up boxing for charity, had 3 fights for UWCB – won all 3.
15. Cycled 425 miles, from London to mid France over 4 days
16. Cycled from Barrow to Skegness (100 Miles) – And back the next day.
17. Multiple Santa Dash’s
18. Climbed/Hiked multiple mountains
19. I’m sure there’s more, but you have probably stopped reading now, so here’s some pics

Julie Nolan

Gary Skentelbery

I started personal training with Paul in October 2016. My goal was to gain strength and build muscle.

Paul started by helping me with my mobility, which I struggled with due to sitting down at work all day. Teaching me how to improve my Mobility and correct exercise technique I was able to lift heavy weights, progress quickly and achieve my goal.

He taught me about nutrition and macros. Looking back, I was in my best shape training with Paul. What Paul taught me has carried me through and I continue to apply these techniques now.

I would recommend Paul to anyone for support, advice, coaching and training.

Sophie Holdbrook

I had the pleasure of working with Paul in preparation for my wedding he was so helpful and always available for advice working with Paul boosted my confidence no end and taught me good habits with diet and eating plans I never felt better!!

Thanks Paul your a star !!

Janine Norris

“I started training with Paul after I had my first baby in a bid to lose the baby weight and generally tone up. What I achieved with Paul’s help was amazing and so worth the investment! I trained 3 times a week for 3 months using weights, strength training and various bodyweight exercises. I got my weight goal target and felt like my old self again in no time! My overall strength and fitness improved so much in a short space of time that I was able to lift weights I would never have attempted on my own. Each workout is tailored to you, so you can achieve exactly what you have discussed. I have learnt so much from Paul, he is willing to share his expert knowledge and answer any questions you come up with. His tips on nutrition are excellent and his dedication to the industry is obvious.”

“I wouldn’t train with anyone else. I can’t recommend him Paul enough!”

Janine Norris, Warrington.

Liam Pilkington

Lauren Olivia

I trained with Paul Mason for over a year, I had never lifted weights before and previously just did cardio, he was friendly and welcoming and put me right at ease!

Paul is a fabulous PT who will talk you through the moves and techniques and teach you how to perform them so that you can gain the best results possible!

On top of that he gives sound nutritional advice to help you reach your goals!

If you’re looking for someone to start off your fitness journey with or for guidance to improve I would definitely recommend Paul!

Paula Isherwood

I first started working with Paul back in my 20s. I always struggled to put on weight and I wanted to become more shapely, more like a dancers physique. I had always felt self conscious about going to the gym because of my petite frame and being judged. Paul gave me the confidence to embrace weight training and believe in myself. He gave me the tools to understand good technique and knowledge on training the best way for my body type. I became more shapely, athletic and strong. Pull ups, chin ups and press ups have all become part of my weekly routine and I love the feeling of achieving goals I never though I could!

I haven’t trained with Paul for several years now but without him I would not be able to do the training that I do today. He has taught me the foundations of weight training and I am stronger, fitter and leaner than ever coming up to nearly 40. Paul’s knowledge and support has been invaluable in my training. He is always there even to this day if I need a little bit of advice. He has probably taught me too well in that I am fully confident to train on my own and devise my own workout plans! 😂.

I cannot thank Paul enough for his support and guidance over the years. His approach to training is fun and relaxed but he will always push you through those plateaus and days when your just not in the mood! No question to ask is too silly and he will support you 100% on your training goals.

Highly recommended for his work ethic, knowledge, integrity, personality, training plans and support.

Dave Owens

When I contacted Paul; I was struggling with my weight. Being in my fifties, I was finding it difficult to lose weight.

I discussed this with Paul and he prepared a weekly training and diet plan to follow. Week by week the weight gradually fell off. I started the plan at over 16 stone and we set a target of 13 stone.

I found the meal planning easy to follow and the training was based at a level that was easy to maintain.

At just under 5 months I hit my target weight. I didn’t consider that I could achieve this but I did / we did. I received constant advice and support throughout, nothing was too much trouble.

I really enjoyed the journey and seeing my body transformed.

Paul is a true professional that I would highly recommend.

Terri Cunningham

After a RTA which left me with a fractured back and pelvis, I struggled with both mobility, strength and my weight. So once I was mobile again I gave Paul Mason a call.

I went with little to no confidence. He even commented once that when I first came to him I couldn’t look him in the eye, I just looked at my hands. So he too had a challenge on his hands. First he helped me gain strength in areas I had lost all strength, then he helped me gain back some much needed mobility in my lower back. I started to be able to stand, walk, run without much pain at all and I started to finally get a love for being active again. Next challenge was the nutrition.

I was under the illusion at the time that training with him once a week and not doing anything else like looking at what I put in my body or being active outside the gym, would mean I would loose weight but I didn’t…

It was only when Paul said to me “The real work is what happens outside of our sessions that matters.” that it really hit home. So I began to eat “properly”. I went from barely eating a thing all day and binging at night to eating 3-4 meals a day with all of the colourful veg, good portions of protein and cutting down on the junk. I started to loose weight, found some confidence and a lasting love for exercise.”

Millie Peel

Sarah Dobson

Paul was the most supportive and motivating PT I’ve had.

During a very difficult time of my life he made my training the focus of my life and improved my fitness and self confidence massively.

Rhian Keogh

I started training with Paul a few years ago, when I was struggling with my usual fitness routine following a knee injury. Paul wrote me a program that slowly built up my strength and also my confidence using weights. Lifting weights has never been my strong point (or something I enjoyed!) but training with Paul changed my mind and I really enjoyed my 121s and strength classes and my knee started getting stronger.

At the same time I started to follow Paul’s nutrition advice, which I’m really happy I did as I really learnt what works for me (I still swear by this now). This picture is before and after completing a strict 3 week post Christmas food plan and exercise routine when I lost 8 pounds and 4 inches overall.

Since working with Paul I’ve done White Collar Boxing, run 10ks, lifted heavier weights than I ever thought I could and started boxing for fitness coaching, all things I’m really proud of and are down to Paul’s help and advice.

If you’re looking for a knowledgable, motivating, enthusiastic PT who will really help you to achieve your goals, give Paul a call 🙂

Sarah Williams

Hannah Jones

My name is Hannah Jones and when I met Paul I was already in reasonably good shape as I have always enjoyed training.

Paul had a chat with me to ascertain what my expectations and devised a training plan, my journey with Paul had begun. As time progressed it became clear that Paul was a great deal more than simply my personal trainer, he had become my friend and confident.

I have struggled with low self esteem and a distorted image of myself for as long as I can remember. Paul recognised this but not once did he push me for reasons or explanations, he allowed me to just work my way through my issues, offering support emotionally and physically when he felt it was needed. Over the years I have told Paul more about my emotional feelings and how they have held me back than anyone else, and at each brick wall I felt I hit, he found me a way over it/under it or around it.

This led to me taking on my first truly HUGE challenge……….

In May 2014 I entered the worlds largest obstacle course race alongside some of Pauls other gym fellows, it was 20 miles long and included over 200 obstacles.

I DID IT, crossing that finish line was one of the biggest emotional barriers I have ever encountered, my partner Huw was there waiting for me, and all I can say is that I collapsed in sheer elation at what I had accomplished, and most importantly it made me feel for the first time ever that anything is possible if you simply believe in yourself.

Something Paul had spent a mere 4 ½ years trying to get me to understand.

I walked away from that weekend with a renewed sense of self confidence and the drive to push myself even further.  Paul and I upped my training, introducing heavier weights.

When I couldn’t lift the weight I would become ridiculously frustrated with myself, berating myself for not being good enough. Paul, and his immense patience with my self-doubt lieve found a way to get me to believe I could, and slowly but surely I did,

My story is not one of fitness and physical health so to speak, more of a mental health journey. Paul is an incredible person and a sensational personal trainer, and He has become a life long friend.

I have never felt better.

Louise Bird

Helen Pizzie

I trained with Paul for several years. During that time, Pauls training sessions were varied, fun, and interesting. They were also sometimes hard as Paul was able to push you without you realising.

Paul was always able to easily adapt the training sessions to meet different goals which is one of the reasons I trained with him for so long.

Paul has a huge and extensive knowledge as a personal trainer, not only on different training methods and styles, but also on nutrition, mobility and stretching.

I would recomend Paul without hesitation to anyone considering a PT.

Jane Beatty

I have thought long & hard about the appropriate strapline for this testimonial…”amazing” or “great Coach/PT” or “highly recommended” when in fact, Paul is all of these.  I have had the pleasure of training with him for in excess of two years now & it is time & money well spent.  I was becoming increasingly despondent with my training regime, not seeing any physiological change or difference on the scales.

Paul created a bespoke training and nutrition plan for me and I have never looked back. His continued support is invaluable & I have regular reviews to monitor my progress & to design future programmes.

He is a great listener, an expert in his field & am happy to say a good friend.  Needless to say, I would have no hesitation in recommending him.

Kirsty Tidmarsh

I’ve worked with Paul in the past and loved the results, I felt strong and confident. He lives and breaths fitness and his knowledge is second to none. He’s also a genuinely nice guy who cares about his clients.

After having my baby I gained a lot of weight, lost my confidence and had a little problem with my hips. So once I’d taken the time to recover I didn’t hesitate to get back in touch with him. At first we worked on sorting out my posture as my hips hadn’t gone back inline and it was affecting my squat, which would have led to injury if I’d just carried on training without fixing it.

With a new baby and going back to work I can’t fit in the PT sessions with Paul I used to do so I work with him via his App alongside eating healthily (still allowing for the occasional Chinese or a few drinks). If the gym I use doesn’t have the equipment or I struggle with any of the exercises Paul will tweak them or find alternatives. The results speak for themselves, I’m still a little squishier than I’d like but my confidence is back and I’m going to continue working with Paul because he helps you get the results you want.

Jenni Howard

We used to call him our “lifting wizard”

Paul’s vast depth of knowledge, both of the sporting industry and the human body coupled with his own experiences make his advice invaluable. In the time I spent training with him, I came away with countless PB’s and a better understanding of my capabilities and boundaries and how to make the best of both. Paul also became a great friend