Start training with Paul Mason and you to can acheive your Goals

I had been a member of the health spa for several years. During that time I was generally keeping fit but not acheiving much else. During that time i was generally keeping fit. During one of my rowing exercises Paul was in the gym and gave me a few pointers. I also noticed him giving a training session and thought – that is the way to go. After talking to Paul he asked what i wanted to acheive “well a ladies equivalent of a six pack would be nice and generally toning up” was my reply.  I thenI then enrolled for twelve sessions once a fortnight. During this time he reguiarly reviewed my progress and varied the exercises to keep it interesting. He always explained what he was trying to acheive and this kept my motivation, when the weight started to come of and the muscle tone improved it encouraged me to to stick with the program. I always look forward to or training sessions even though at times my muscles ached for days now 6 months later i have lost the excess weight, feel fitter and all my friends want to know how i acheived it. I will continue training with Paul to keep the momentum going. Start training with Paul and you can acheive your goal too.

Maryke Todd – Knutsford