Roger Alsop Testimonial

Since starting work with Roger i have to say I am very happy with the ways things are going and also the progress I am  making.  For the first time in a few years I can actually see some significant  results.  My body is starting to change I can see definition in all of my upper  body muscles and steadily the fat around my stomach is becoming more mobile and  starting to shift.  As I mentioned to you before I have had other trainers and  in the 3 or so months I have been working with Roger I have seen better results  than with some of the other trainers I have worked with for 2 years.

I  find Roger really encouraging and never gives me a hard time when things go a  bit awry due to work or family commitments.  He challenges me too, some of the  exercises we have done recently are new and certainly make me tired both  mentally and physically.  His laid back approach has really motivated me to do  things for myself and I have taken up cycling to work again

Matthew Earley – Macclesfield