Paul Hardman Delivers the Goods

Until starting with Paul Hardman I hadn’t used a personal trainer. Since working with Paul I ask myself why I didn’t do this in the first place.

I have been working with Paul for several months now and cant recommend him more highly.

I had an old spine injury and needed to increase my core strength and stability.

At the beginning Paul listened to what I wanted to achieve and has built a programme around that.

We have changed it here and there as we have gone along, well he’s made it harder, but the goal is still the same, improve core strength and stability.


Paul has helped me in the following areas. Training technique, Core Strength, Stability and Posture, General Stamina and diet.

No two sessions with Paul are the same which for me is great as it keeps it fresh and you cant get bored by repetition.

His encouragement in the sessions help me to push on that little bit more and you really feel that you have achieved something after each session.

As his name suggest he’s a hard man, but his manner is relaxed and always encouraging. That said there are times when I think in a previous life

either he was a medieval torturer or I did something very bad. So if you want to get fit and achieve your goals, Paul Hardman is the man for you.