No Nonsense Training with Roger Alsop

I contacted Paul Mason at Cheshire Personal Training and after an in depth consultation designed to match me with the right trainer he recommended Roger as the ideal Trainer to meet my needs and I found in Roger what I had been looking for.

However with Roger, I have found it’s no nonsense.  I am not on diets that don’t work for me in fact I am not on any diet – just sensible eating.  I am training at a level which takes into account my personal ability and also that I have responsibilities as the principle earner in my household and 2 young children.

That’s not to say that Roger doesn’t push you.  Believe me he does.  But I always find an encouragement behind it all.  A “willing me on” to get into the shape I want to be in.  Over the few months I have been working Roger I have lost weight but more importantly have got back my enthusiasm for working out.

There have been times where I have struggled.  With being a family man things happen – unexpected stresses, lack of sleep etc.  But not once has Roger made me feel bad about what I can’t do.  Rather he has focused on how much I have done and the positive aspects of my training.  Exercises I have been struggling with have been changed to suit me.  Of course he throws in a challenge every now and again however it’s never too much.  In fact I look forward to the little sojourns.

This has really encouraged me.   I found running particularly a hard thing to do.  However just this week I started running with Roger and I found it so much easier than before.  In fact off the back of his session I decided to regularly start cycling to and from work (9 miles each way).   And I am hoping to build up enough stamina to regularly run every day.

The important lesson from Roger’s training I have learnt is to relax and enjoy what I am doing.  And that sums up Roger’s training.

Incredibly hard work, challenging, encouraging but most of all relaxed.


Matthew Earley – Macclesfeild