Liz gives you power on a plate!

I have been a member at Cottons Hotel gym for over 15 years and regularly used the gym for weights and attended various fitness.

The power plate has remained a mystery in the corner of the gym and although I jumped on occaisionally I was never convinced this was the exercise machine for me.

However you know how it is, past 50 and still believing your body can twist and turn like it used to, especially after a major knee op 9 years ago… But no my back hurt continually and I always seemed stiff and my golf swing was restricted.

Until I was introduced to Liz and her exercise programme on the power plate… wow, what an eye opener!

I thought I was reasonably fit but perhaps not. After the first session I didn’t feel too bad. Liz took me through a series of exercises to demonstrate what could be achieved on the power plate whilst gently persuading me that yes, I could stretch that far! Over a relatively peirod, averaging 2 sessions on the power plate a week under Liz’s guidance and instruction I gradually began to see and feel the benefits of exercising on the power plate. It seems ridiculous to say but I “felt a new man!”.

At all times Liz explains and demonstrates how each exercise should be performed and explains what she expects of me. Liz has the uncanny knack of knowing how far to push me and when to back off. The recovery time between each movement is just enough and the intensity measured correctly.

I would strongly recommend that every gym monkey, fitness addict and coach potato has a power plate session with Liz – she has the ability to communicate clearly with everyone and is so passionate about the benefits of the power plate you can’t fail to be motivated. Everyone attending Cottons gym would benefit greatly from the mysterious vibrating contraption in the corner of the gym.

Chris Hook