I would not do it, if it were not for Him!

safe_imageWell, what can I say, I have been training with Roger for just over a year now, I only meant to do a 3-6 month stint with a personal trainer but here I am still after a year and that is all down to Roger!

Roger is very easy to work with and very relaxed in his approach but at the same time still quite a task master when he knows you are not putting in the effort that you need to.

He is a conscientious trainer and is genuinely interested in improving your fitness and takes each client as an individual rather than just going through the motions with a set work-out for all.

I hate the idea of working out especially at 8am in the morning and wouldn’t do it at all if it wasn’t for him!!!

I was putting on weight slowly but consistently and even attempting to diet didn’t seem to make much difference or keep it off or even stabilise and I knew I had to take control and do something about it, before it got too late. I tried the gym and although years ago (in my

youth) I did go to the gym at least 4 times a week and quite enjoyed it, when I re-joined 2 years ago I hated it and couldn’t organise myself to get there as I really couldn’t face going.

My fitness level has improved a lot whilst training with Roger and I have changed my shape, I started to train with Roger with the idea to loose weight which was and still is extremely hard with my hectic lifestyle but I realise now it is more a case of improving my fitness level and the rest follows with a little hard work.

Roger helps me maintain a healthy weight and keep the flab at bay but without having to live my life on a diet or without my beloved wine, he makes the sessions entertaining and we have quite a good laugh whilst doing them. I would highly recommend Roger, especially if you’re like me and find it easy to talk yourself out of going to the gym.

I feel a lot fitter and healthier thanks to Roger and don’t have anywhere as much flab wobbling around as I used to!!!

Diane – Knutsford