I honestly never thought I would say that I enjoy gym work, but i do now.

From an early age and into my 30’s  I had always played a lot of football and cricket and suffered badly with knee injuries…….several operations later I was left with no cartilage in either knee.  I signed  up to a gym but rarely went and as I wasn’t able to play sports like I once could, my weight increased to the highest it had ever been.

Enjoying food as much as I do, the situation was not going to get better and  I needed to find a solution quickly.  I saw an advert for Mason’s Fitness to see if personal training could help me out. I spoke to Paul Mason and he paired me with Sarah for my free consultation and taster session and it was quickly explained to me what we could to strengthen the muscles not only around my knee’s but also around my core which has a huge impact on the way the body works.   I also received a Paul’s ONE Protocol nutrition guide, which was different to any other sort of eating plan (diet to me is a bad word) i had seen before.  The plan was simple to follow and easy introduce into my daily life.  There is lots of choice and the recipes are really tasty .. ……the best and most honest way I can describe it is that it definitely  not a diet , but more a lifestyle change, and its actually not drastically different to what I used to eat.

Having worked with Sarah now for 12 weeks (2 x 1 hours p/wk),  i’ve lost 6 kg (13.2 pounds)  and more importantly have increased muscle mass in the area’s we targeted.   Sarah’s enthusiasm is infectious and the sessions are great fun.   Having always been an outdoor sports person I honestly never thought I would say that I enjoy gym work, but i do now.   I look forward to the sessions and that’s completely down to Sarah.  Her knowledge is outstanding and she quickly understood my capabilities and limitations and therefore tailors the sessions so that I can get maximum results.    I’m genuinely impressed with my results and don’t believe I would have got them had I been exercising on my own in a gym. I recommend Mason’s Fitness and Sarah to everyone!!