Georgina Wood

As a complete gym hater and really un-sporty person, I truly dreaded the prospect of my first few sessions but, Georgina put me at ease immediately, putting me through my paces so that I began to realise just how unfit I really was. I wanted to loose weight but also seriously tone up and Georgina’s passion for personal training and fitness coupled with her complete joy at seeing her “victims” sweat vigorously and shake, makes each session more and more enjoyable because of the results she gets!  The gleeful texts I receive from her on the mornings after my sessions; just to see if I can move help with the pain! Georgina is great fun and the challenge to get my body to even begin to look a little like hers makes me go to the gym 3 times a week to practice the plans in order to be “torture” a bit further on my next session. I have learnt so much and enjoyed my sessions over the last four months so much so that I am Just starting my third lot of “torture”.  I cannot recommend her enough; if I can do it, anyone can!

Heather Clawson – Bowden