Exercise! I am a full time Mum, CANT FIT IT IN? Think again?

I am a stay at home mum with two boys and I needed the convenience of working out in my home! I contacted Paul Mason Fitness and after a lengthy consultation Paul assigned me Chris, as my dedicated Personal Trainer.

My goal was to lose a stubborn stone and I did…in 6 weeks and feel great. I’m back in my pre-children Diesel jeans! Dropping two dress sizes.

Chris was available whenever it suited and all the time via text to keep me motivated with advice on nutrition; answering my “Can I have” questions!! I would highly recommend and Mason’s Fitness Chris to anyone looking to get into shape or move to the next fitness level.

His wide range of fun workouts set me up for goals that would bring me success in achieving the shape I wanted. The training he gave me allowed me to pinpoint certain areas as well as an all over change in my body-I am toned in places I never knew could be toned!!!:)

He helped me to shed a total of 5.5 inches from my body. My whole outlook on food has changed for the better including actually
eating breakfast!

P.s… I will never again look at a tea towel in the same way!! 🙂

Love Nic