Everything changed for me

974839_622964424400139_708613698_n[1]974124_622964714400110_296190468_n[2]“I first got in touch with Paul Mason via my old gym when I joined after being hit by a car and paralysed for a year around seven years ago. Paul really helped me learn how to spot my bodys’ limit and to strengthen my core, which in turn helped me strengthen my legs and back. After a while I stopped going to the gym due to issues at home and when I managed to start back again I had gained three dress sizes and lost all of my confidence and self esteem. I then started seeing Paul on a weekly basis and over time I made the decision to really focus on my fitness and started his Total Loser Fat Loss Program. Everything changed for me when I started theĀ Fat loss boot camp. Not only did it give me a routine it gave me friends to share my goals with. I met some wonderful women during those 9 weeks and they all helped me to drop the weight and lifted my confidence. During that time, with what I was going through, I honestly do not think I could have done it without Paul, Neil and the other women. The support they all gave me and the improvement in the level of fitness I gained was priceless. I cannot recommend Paul Mason and his team highly enough. He is an amazing motivator, someone you can trust and gives you the support you need to reach your goals both with fitness and self image.”