Boot camp Fitness is for Everyone

196405_203352483028004_7222860_nI’ve really enjoyed the Sunday ‘boot-camps’ so far. They’ve been a tough work out but fun at the same time. Sarah and Paul have been working us hard but recognise our individual limits too and monitor our techniques to make sure we’re doing the exercises right. I like the fact everyone who takes part seems to have a different fitness level and I don’t feel too out of my depth. The people who take part are a nice bunch and we’ve been encouraging each other. I now go into work on a Monday telling people what I have been up to and it puts a smile on their faces – I actually had to show them the video of me bouncing on a space hopper for them to see how hard it was and for them to believe I actually did it! Who would have thought that I would enjoy getting up on a Sunday, rain or shine, to go and exercise!

Michelle Ponting РPresenter Key 103