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Video Testimonial

Sometimes I question why I do my job today being such a day, I stumbled across this in my Dropbox from my client Nicola which reminded me of why I do this job and that I am not too bad at it. It's along video but if you are struggling to achieve your weight loss […]

Paul Mason

Position: Director / Senior Personal Trainer Year of Birth: 1965 Services: Personal training, Sports Fitness, Functional Training, Weight loss, Body Tranaformation, Body Building, Kettle bell Trainer, Strength Conditioning, Olympic Lifting coach, Powerlifting, Nutritional Advice & Guidance, Smoking Drug Alcohol Cessation and exercise prescription, Qualifications: Register of Exercise Professionals Level 3, Personal training Diploma level 3, […]

Mike Does the Trick

Due to osteo-arthritis restricting my movements, I am not as active as I used to be and as a result have put on a lot of weight. I contacted Paul Mason and after a indepth consultation he assigned me a personal trainer who would best suit my needs. I have been training with Mike Jones for […]

10 Bad Approaches to Weight Loss

Avoid these approaches if you want sustainable  weight loss results. 10. Starving Yourself With a Very Low-Calorie Diet Drastically cutting down your caloric intake using a crash diet is not only difficult to maintain (leading many people to quickly rebel by consuming copious quantities of chocolate bars and pizza) but it often leads to significant […]

Fit For 50

Dear Paul Thank you for all your help and assistance in helping me get back in shape. Your advice and encouragement helped me shed more than 30 lbs in little over three months. I am convinced that I would not have been able to make such achievements without your expert advice and the support of […]

A few words!

I have been working with Roger for a few months on a one on one basis and for the first time in years I have felt that my gym sessions are having a real  effect. The complexity and variety of the exercises has given me a new enthusiasm for going to the gym. All untrue […]

Irregular Training?

Following a long spell out of training, I started working with Roger about 6 months ago.  I was fairly unfit and to make matters more complicated, had an issue with heart rhythm that made heavy training very difficult. Over the period I have trained with Roger, he has continually adapted my training regime keeping it […]

No Short Cuts!

“I decided I wanted a personal trainer last autumn. I’m 58 & have mostly maintained my cardio fitness by running & with a cross trainer but I’d neglected my upper body & stomach. I asked around & was recommended to meet Paul Mason which I did at the hotel where he runs some of his […]

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