Beverley Laird

At the end of last year I was heartily fed up of the gym rut I had fallen into – half an hour of running and a few grumpy sit ups. I needed to either pick up the pace or give up – and blessed with a body that gains two stones and bloats if not minded carefully the latter was not an option.

I started training with Bev just before Christmas last year, one morning a week for an hour. She identified my goals – to build strength, particularly abs and upper body, improve overall fitness and lose half a stone. From the start she gave me workouts that were achievable but always pushed me to do more than I thought I could, which week after week was hugely satisfying. She has shown me loads of ways to use all the equipment in the gym to get a much more interesting and challenging work out than I had ever been able to achieve before and has also given me several programmes to do on my own. As I get better – they get harder – she always has another trick up her sleeve to keep me progressing…

I started off with 6 sessions and 6  months later I am still going back for more. I am undoubtedly much stronger and fitter than I was. My running has improved and I can now run much further and a bit faster because my legs are stronger and overall fitness has improved. My husband says in certain lights I might even look a bit athletic and my daughter (age 8) says I now have a tummy like a teenager – they are my greatest fans! All dietary lapses I confess are mine and mine alone…

I can’t recommend Bev highly enough – she is motivating, knowledgeable and combines professionalism with a wicked sense of humour that makes the sessions fly by.1f Carslberg made personal trainers – they’d make them like Bev!

Joanna Crowley – Little Peover