Ancient Spice that detoxifies your liver.

In the early days of civilization, spices were treasured not just for their value but also for their medicinal
Today, our society relies so much on “medicines” that we’ve lost touch with the natural healing properties of spices.

For example, did you know that cloves can help to detox your liver?

In a study published in a US Medical Sciences Journal, researchers gave clove extract to mice that were exposed to toxic levels of alcohol.
What they discovered is that the clove oil protected the liver from alcohol-induced damage.

But that’s not all…   They also recorded highly elevated levels of antioxidants as a result! In fact, it turns out that cloves have the
highest measured antioxidant level of all spices and herbs!
Cloves are also helpful in soothing digestive problems like gas,parasites, indigestion,and bloating.

Heres how……

* Add whole cloves to rice, curries, sauces, or poked into ham and poultry while it’s cooking.

* Steep a tea bag and one whole clove to make a “detox tea”.

* Take one drop of clove oil added to green tea each day for 3 days as part of a whole body cleanse

Note: Periodic detoxing is the fastest way to purge harmful toxins, parasites and bacteria from your body.
In fact, all you need is an easy 21 day detox to achieve “super-health”! 21-day-detox-cover2


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