Achieving my fitness goals with Paul Mason

I would just like to say thank you….. After training with Paul for the past year I have achieved goals I never thought I would have.

I have been a member of Total Fitness for about 5 years and have worked hard to try and achieve my fitness goals. I was not particularly overweight, just couldn’t seen to get that streamlined look we all strive for. In the past 5 years I have trained for hours, cross trainer, cycling, running using all the weights machines and I tried a number of sports including Tennis, Badminton and running….  I found that despite being very active and enjoying dancing three times a week, that I just couldn’t achieve the fitness goals and the body I have always wanted. 

I spent my time in the gym running countless K’s and working my abs into next week on the ab machine, however still couldn’t achieve the results I wanted.  I was prone to weight gain, tiredness, water retention and good old muffin tops despite all my training and dancing.  After seeing Paul working with people in Total Fitness decided I would ask for his help.

Since starting to train with Paul I can honestly say I have achieved and continue to achieve my goals, but most importantly I understand how to maintain my results through healthy eating (yes you can eat chocolate and still look fab!) through sufficient rest and through hard work in the gym. I have been taught how to exercise and make a lifestyle change.  I needed Pauls invaluable help to understand how to train, when to rest and to match that with nutrition. 

Paul has been extremely motivational, supportive, informative and most importantly has taught me how to move away from the perceived ‘correct’ approach to ‘the gym’.  Right from the initial assessment Paul’s personalised training plan has helped me strengthen my body to allow me to perform better when dancing, by improving my posture and toning my body. I have maintained my weight, whilst losing inches from my waist and hips.  My back size has decreased and toned and my chest has (much to my delight) increased in size.

I recommend Paul so highly I cannot put into words.  Without Paul I would not be achieving my fitness goals and I would not have renewed confidence….. Its hard work, particularly at first, but stick to what he says and you will win…….

As you can see the difference – from un-toned arms and a bloated tummy and holding a little too much weight….. To toned arms and body….

Nicola – Warrington