I have achieved what I never thought I would – enjoying exercise!

10007419_538448146275598_1821280116_nI’d already lost a lot of weight last year when
I realised that exercise was the key to losing more and keeping it
off.  But how could I do that?  I’ve always hated exercise.  How
was I going to change that after 53 years of inactivity?

I contacted Paul Mason and we had a long chat about my diet and what I needed
next.  I started training with Jonathan twice a week at home.  At
first I was out of breath after a short run but at least I was doing it!
Gradually I’ve done more and more and loved it – even going to the gym for
sessions which I said I would never do.  Everyone has been so supportive
and friendly.  Jonathan varies the exercises all the time so I’m not bored
but am challenged to improve and try harder.  And because he doesn’t shout
but encourages I have achieved what I never thought I would – enjoying
exercise.  Besides that I’ve reached my target weight, I’m changing shape
and getting fitter week by week.

It’s been a great experience.  I now do 3 sessions a week and look forward
to every one.  I’d definitely recommend Paul and Jonathan no matter what
your ability.