1st Marathon at 50? You’re Never too Old!!

I have been training with Paul Mason for just over one year now. I started the sessions after newly taking up exercise at the age of 51, and I really enjoy the structure, balance and encouragement he offers.

Paul knows exactly when he needs to push me and when I need to push myself. At the start of every sessions Paul expains what we’re doing and what the benefits are in our overall game plan. The sessions are a real mix of exercise and apparatus and just when I think I know what to expect he pulls a new routine out of the bag with a new set of targets.

I have no doubt that because of Paul, I have succesfully completed 2 marathons and 6 half-marathons in 18 months. He helps me physically, mentally and emotionally prepares me for any challenge I set myself. I’ve even entered the London Marathon for next year an am hoping to climb my first mountain.

-Bernie Welsh